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A Colour Magic Consultation will

Personal Colours in CornwallSave Time, Effort and Money!

You will have the opportunity of a makeover in your most flattering cosmetics and take away a stylish wallet of fabric colour swatches, in your range, to use as a shopping aid!

You will be able to create a wardrobe full of complementary colours that mix 'n' match and all look great.

When you choose colours that suit your skin tone, hair colour and personality you'll not only look fabulous,
you'll feel it too!

Positive colours will help you radiate a healthy glow which enhances your energy balance and the feel good factor!

Colours are like vitamins, nurturing, and often healing!

Personal "Colour Magic" Consultation
Includes Colour swatches and a makeover

"I would recommend Clare at a drop of the hat! Her expertise and insight into how colour effects how people react to you, your brand and also their ultimate decision to buy from you is invaluable. Clare is an amazing person to work with and is someone who goes miles and miles beyond the call of duty to ensure that her clients are not just satisfied, but are ultimately delighted!"  

Johnny Pope, Partner,

Clare Greenwood, Princes House, Princes Street,
Truro, TR1 2ES
07877 654543

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