Style Me Confident

***Get out of that rut and Step out in Style***

Personal Shopping at Phase Eight
No more excuses...!

This is all about who you are and what YOU want to achieve!

Your "Personal Style Consultation" is your chance to explore all aspects of your current look and how you can make positive changes.

We'll chat about your style personality and find the styles and accessories that are right and comfortable for you NOW in the body you are in!

We'll look at what to highlight and the
"no go"areas and we will identify what misconceptions have challenged and held you back from feeling your best!!

You will gain a vital understanding of your body and face shape which will enable you to get the most from your garments, hairstyles and accessories!

Start to please yourself rather than associating with negative habits or feedback! 

Your *Style Me Confident* session is a highly informative and thoroughly enjoyable way to help you project the best of yourself!

Learn how to break the rules, create your own boundaries and use the sound guidance to enable you to develop at your pace! Shopping becomes fun and rewarding! You will even benefit from some personal shopping in Truro

You will receive a personalised portfolio £125


***Wardrobe Weeding***

 Wardrobe Woes be Banished!

....I love it but I've got nothing to go with it!Wardrobe Revamp
....It looked great on the hanger!
....I was planning to lose weight!
....I thought it was nice until I saw a photo!
....My sister was throwing it, so I took it!

Yes, you are not the only one, I have heard all these laments before, which is why my
Wardrobe Rehab session is such a tonic.

You are not doing yourself justice by keeping clothes which are not fit to flatter you! "It'll do" simply WON'T!

NOW you can enjoy a streamlined wardrobe full of clothes that fit, look fabulous and all mix and match.

What happens at your session?

I'll visit you at your home and spend the next 2-3 hours helping you to organise your wardrobe. I will be your objective eye, a critical friend, supportive yet honest.

Together we will identify or create gaps and you will learn how to achieve balance and harmony to suit you and your lifestyle! You will enjoy a renewed love for clothes which love you back and unflattering purchases will head for a new life...not cluttering your wardrobe!

Certain key purchases will offer a vital buzz and create life and interest to your exciting new wardrobe!
£90 minimum 2 hour session

***Personal Shopping*** 

At last the time has come when you can recognise what a joy it is to choose clothes which assert your identity!...but, sometimes it's nice to just have those little nudges in the right direction or encouragement not to go back into wardrobe rehab..... 

A few hours of Personal Shopping will just ensure that you are inspired to continue this exciting discovery of a Stylish New You!

Shopping becomes fun rather than stressful when you have clear guidelines and know which direction to head in!

Put the "feel good factor" into shopping!

Find out how to mix 'n match and
Save Time, Effort and Money!

This session will normally be Truro, but other locations are a possibility. 
Ask Clare about other options!

£90 minimum 2 hours session


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Looks Magic
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